I Have Been Looking for a Condo

It is going to take me a long time to get out of this place, but I have started to look at new places to live. I just have to go on thinking about how to go about getting the funding that I need. The banks do not really seem all that impressed by what I have to offer them for collateral and there is not much chance of a loan without that. At any rate today I went to see a place called the Singapore new futura condo towers. It is a brand new place and of course it is not really designed for people with the sort of means that I have. In other words it is a place where you need to be pretty rich, which is not why I was there. I went with this friend of mine and while he is not really rich on his own, his family is. He has convinced them that the place is a good place to invest their money, or something of that sort.

At any rate this place is really nice and of course it is expensive too, so there is not much point in me thinking about going there by myself. Of course the guy took me there for a reason, he did not want to pay for it all by himself and so he is trying to convince me to come in and pay half of what it cost him. I was not really loving what half of the place would cost, especially since he would be in charge of the arrangement one hundred percent. I would just be the tenant and this is not the guy that I would be willing to put in this position. Most of the time he is fine, but he can be a jerk at times.

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