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Xavier Alcalá



(XVIº Edition)

Nov '09

Download Emerald Jungle

Emerald Jungle, slightly retouched, is the interior novel in Tertúlia that is supposed to have been plagiarized. Following the recommendation of critics and at the insistence of publishers, the author extracted the text. The story is composed of three main elements: the fable –possibly based on facts– of the City of Caesars, hidden in the forest; the discovery –published by National Geographic– of the remains of a cultured people living in the Amazon, and Xavier Alcalá’s personal experience in the jungle’s labyrinths.Download  Esmerald Jungle - Chapter 1 (PDF)

Oct '09

Download Hotel Damasco

Hotel Damasco by Xavier AlcaláHotel Damasco is, by length and rhythm, a novella. It received the Concello de Vilalba award. As many other stories by Xavier Alcalá, it belongs to the Argentine cycle of his work. Yet again, the author returns to the epic of emigration; this time the reader travels from a village in the snow-touched mountains of Galicia to the icy magnificence of the Patagonian Andes. Distant landscapes, different moments in time, distinct characters with their own interpretation of life are the ingredients of this mystery book. An inquisitive undergraduate will find the solution to the mystery by submerging in the life stories of the immigrants, and through his research will come to know of their heroicity, and of their loves and sins.

Hotel Damasco by Xavier Alcalá (pdf)

Mar '09

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